Arosa – Wintersunset

Hi Guys, Last week I was drving up to Arosa during sunset. I had the sun in the back and it started to light up the snowy mountains. I stopped alongside the road and took a some tranquil moods. Here you are 🙂

StarTrail over Arosa

I had a chance over the Easter-break to take some Star-trail pictures over the sky of Arosa. I was not really prepared, as I assumed that the weather would be bad… So I left my Self-Timer at home, and I had to use the built in … Continue readingStarTrail over Arosa

The perfect day

Hallo Zusammen, Ich habe heute einen fantastischen Tag auf der Piste von Arosa geniessen dürfen. Mega schöne Pisten wo man unendlich, resp. bis die Beine schmerzen, Carven konnte! Finalisert wurde der Tag in der Sit-Hütte bei einem eisgekühlten Qwöllfrösch 🙂 roman  

Waterfalls in Arosa

Hi Guys, We were in Arosa during our holidays. There were so many people on the slopes, we escaped for a nice snow-shoe walk in the area of Maran. The amazing tranquillity in the fresh snowbound hills with the wondweful shining sun… just marvalous. Enjoy … Continue readingWaterfalls in Arosa