As you can guess, Photographing is one of my hobbies, but it’s not the only hobby I have. I sometimes try to combine two or more of them, for example, hiking and photographing or traveling with hiking and photographing.

I have a separate section on the whole photographing here

Being an engineer, I work a lot on the computer, and as you can guess I use the computer as well a lot for photo post processing and 3D modeling. Not only I use the computer as a user, I run a decent server together with my Cousin in my basement, where for example this website is running.

During wintertime I go Snowboarding a lot, mainly in Arosa. If the weather is not so nice, Snowshoe walking is a nice variation to the busy times on the slope. And as well very nice opportunity to take the camera along.

Once the snow is gone, hiking is something we do a lot in the Swiss Alps.

Twice a week I do Ju-Jitsu at the WLZ club in Oerlikon near Zürich. We are a great group of about 12 people who enjoy the variety which is Ju-Jitsu offers.