My Tools and Programs

Picture editing

Photoshop or Lightroom Classic


I use the attached GPS tracker for my Z8 and the GPS data from the drone, so I don’t need to carry and sync any location information anymore.

HDR Imaging, Panorama stitching, and other image manipulation

I’ve used to have a set of tools to process the HDR image series, stich panoramas together, but today I’m mainly using Adobe Lightroom classic. It might not be always the best, but it does a really good job.


Multi exposure script is to take multiple pictures with the same exposure time over a long period of time. This is very useful to make Star Trail pictures.
Afterwards you can use StarTrail.exe to stack them to the final picture.

I just found an alternate program: StarStaX

Video editing

I’ve circled in on Davinci Resolve from BlackMagic Design. Back in 2019, when I got my first drone, I’ve realised, that I need to embrace into the world of video editing. As I had a Mac and a PC at my disposal, I was looking for a dual-platform application. After some evaluation, I found Davinci, which is even free for most use cases. Never the less I bought the full license, as it has some awesome features I was interested in.