Arosa Weisshorn Sunrise

I woke up at 4;45am… without my alarm going off at 4:50! I had a quick check on my iPad what the clouds might look like this morning… and they looked promising. So I got up un silence, not to wake up my family… and sneaked out the house.

Passing by the Obersee in Arosa at 5:15am was really nice. Calm, silent, reflections on the water and some lights at the horizon from the sun. (taken with the iPhone6)

The gondola run at 5:30am, so I even had to wait a bit until re started. reaching the top at 5:45, there was some time left to set up and get ready… So I searched for a nice spot with some foreground and good view towards the sunrise.

And then… the D850 again did not work! lockup, the little top display was on, despite the fact that the camera was off. I removed/replaced the battery, removed the XQD-memory card.. no luck, the camera did not start up. So I just let it be for about 15min.. the sunrise was about over, I changed lens to the 70-200mm, played around with other batteries.. the D850 somehow recovered. So I was able to get some shots after the sun was up.

So I ended up using my iPhone for the sunrise pictures:

I also took out the Mavic Air afterwards, also here, the thing asked for the FW upgrade at 6am in the morning.. so an other 15min wasted. Never the less the drone was flying really nice today, so no complains.

At about 7:30 I went inside for breakfast….