I bought Davinci Reolve Studio

Hello Again,

Today I would like to give you an update on Davinci Resolve Studio. I started using Davinci Resolve for about a year now. I used it on my MacBook Pro (offered by Cisco), and my home PC/Workstation. I’ve seen some lag depending on the type of footage I’ve used, especially a lot when I was speeding up the footage. I checked the CPU/GPU usage on my workstation, and it was not massive, but I was to believe that this is the way it works.

After I’ve bought my new laptop for our little travel I’ve noticed a lot oflag. Although I’ve got a pretty fancy laptop, the Lenovo X1 Extreme, with 64G of RAM and a 1TB SSD, and a dedicated GTX-1050 with 4GB of RAM. I was starting to google for the differences between the free and the paid version of Davinci Resolve. I’ve checked out a few youtube videos, confirming that the paid version would be more fluid, but most testers did not do a good side-by-side comparison. Nevertheless it seems that especially on the Windows side, an other codec is used which uses the GPU a lot more, and makes use of a multi core CPU.

So I went off and spent the 300$ on Amazon to get a proper Davinci Resolve Studio License. I still find this somewhat funny, that you can not order a license from BlackMagic’s website…

The day has come, Davinci Resolve 16 Beta-3 is here and I got the new full license code.

I’ve taken the opportunity of a nice weekend trip with the family, to get some footage from the iPhone (4k-30) and the Mavic-Air (2.7k-30) and the GoPro (2.7k-30 (4:3).

I’ve set my timeline to a 1080p/29.97, as the iPhone/Mavic and the GoPro actually use 29.97 as the framerate. And I don’t need to use 4k for the export to Youtube.

I went ahead and imported all the content and started up cutting up the different pieces… WOWWWWWW… this as fluid, even when speeding up content, the playhead was easy to move, the playback was on 29.97 most of the time.

I was well worth spending the 300$ on Davinci Resolve, to know that I get most out of my laptop (which was quite costly..).

Look forward to see the latest clip’s from our trip 🙂