A new Name and Website

While taking our Christmas Holidays, I have decided to take my photography hobby a step further. I wanted to sell my images as prints and offer my knowledge to others.

I started with a new name. I did want to have something which relates to me, but also to what I was doing. As I’m not only taking images but also videos, I did not want to have “photo”-something in the name. It should be kind of short, not too complicated so you need to explain it to people. It should also reflect the kind of images I take, mainly landscape shots. I was first searching for something about “vista” or “wide-vista”, this was certainly a name that would fit the type, but is not related to me. I can’t remember, but one day I had some ideas to merge my year of birth with something. And in background, I always was checking if the domain would still be available.

Finally, after consulting with my wife Franziska, we settled on “73views”!

With the name, the search for a logo begun. I made a few sketches and had already some ideas. I had this intersecting  7 and 3 in my head, so I was looking for a font that would give me this jagged “3”. I found the right font and then I used Blender-3D to get this done. It’s a kind of simple logo, but I personally like it. Maybe it should have an aperture ring on the outside to connect to the photography. Let’s see maybe I do this one day.

If you are looking to get one of my images for your wall, head over to my new site: www.73views.com

yours Roman