This years xmas present

I made myself and my family a surprise present. I did not tell them that I was ordering. It was something I had my eyes on from some time, but never had the guts to really order it. I hoped it would actually arrive prior to our autumn holidays, but it got delayed a few weeks.
One day the box has arrived, and I called the girls to the living room to present my latest gift/idea to them. Flurina released from the drawings on the box, that it was a 3D-printer. She jumped full of joy, my wife, thought, what the heck shall we do with a 3D-printer. but after from of the ideas I had she understood the idea and was also happy 😉

I’ve ordered a Prusa i3 MK3S+ KIT, which means that I had to assemble it first! I wanted to do this together with Flurina, as I know should would love to help me on this.
The next weekend I prepared the table and brought along the tools needed. We started reading the manual, which was easy to read and understand. Flurina was a big help, she screwed together the main frame, and helped my to find the right parts to construct the rest.

In the evening I completed the print-head, which was quite a thing to assemble. The next day we completed the rest together.
Finally everything was completed and ready to go. I was a bit anxious just to turn it on, but after going through the “initial setup” guide, I was confident that everything should work.
I powered it up and did the initial adjustments.
A few days earlier, I prepared an old PC, with a fresh install of Ubuntu and Octoprint, so I would be able to control and manage my prints over the network. To my surprise this was working really well from the start.
Then I loaded the first filament, and started my first print. A small ghost in Prusa-orange.
Hurray.. it just worked out of the gate!
The Girls like the Ghost, but wanted a bigger one and more of them.. as the showed them around to their friends, so everyone in the neighbourhood got one, either in orange or purple.
So far the printer is a hit! We printed xmas cookie-cutters and other small things.
Lately my father came around with a request from a friend, who needed a small plastic thing which has broken… So I used Blender to model the part and printed it, it was still a bit too think, but I think I will work. The next request is already in the making..
So stay tuned for some more updated on this topic.