Introducing the New Server: Miniforums MS-01

Recently, I transitioned from my older AMD-Ryzen server to a more modern Intel NUC-based setup. While this migration allowed most services to move into a Dockerized environment, I’ve found that the current setup could use some enhancements. Here are a few limitations I encountered with the NUC:

  • Lack of redundant disks for local storage
  • Absence of a 10G Ethernet interface for NAS connection
  • No built-in secondary network interface

Overall, the NUC’s system bandwidth felt inadequate. Although the containers weren’t particularly slow, the system experienced noticeable sluggishness during intensive network activity.

Requirements for the New Server

In search of a new, energy-efficient, yet powerful server, I had specific criteria in mind:

  • Dual 10G Ethernet
  • Redundant SSDs
  • Small form factor and power efficiency
  • 64GB+ RAM, preferably ECC
  • Modern CPU with 8 or more cores

Optional Features:

  • PCI-E card expansion
  • Additional network ports
  • Headless operation
  • Remote management capabilities
  • AI accelerator

Discovery and Decision

Despite extensive research, I struggled to find a server that met all my requirements. Earlier this year, I stumbled upon a YouTube video showcasing a new small server from a company I hadn’t heard of before. This server boasted dual 10G-SFP+ and dual 2.5G Ethernet, three M.2 SSD slots, and more.

After watching the video and conducting further research, I was intrigued but took a couple of months to decide. Ultimately, I chose the Miniforums MS-01. I ordered the barebone version, as the bundled options did not meet my needs.

Components Ordered

To complement the Miniforums MS-01, I sourced the following components locally in Switzerland:

  • 1x Crucial Soram D5 5600 (2 x 48GB, 5600 MHz, DDR5-RAM, SO-DIMM)
  • 2x WD Red SN700 (2000 GB, M.2)
  • 1x BlueOptics QNAP SFP-10G-RJ45 compatible BlueOptics SFP+ BO08J78S6


With these components, I now have a highly powerful and redundant system that meets all my requirements. The Miniforums MS-01 promises to be a significant upgrade, addressing the limitations of the previous NUC setup and providing enhanced performance and reliability.