Finally, the new server is up and running

After almost a year, see my last post that I get a new server from April 2023, of planing, waiting, and finally doing, the new server is now up and running, and more important the old one is turned off!

Last April I bought a bunch of new HW to replace the mighty server, a 24-Disk storage server! As mentioned in my last blog post, I had a few requirements, for storage and compute.


Right now the compute is a NUC-10, with 64GB of memory and a 1T SSD. On this device I run Docker to host all my Websites and other services. Docker was one of the main reasons it took some time to migrate. I did not know docker prior the migration, but we (Andres and I) descided to use Docker to separate out all the services. As it stands now, we managed to do this for all the services! And even a few new ones!


The Synology DS1823xs+ with 8x 20TB Exos disks, deilvers full 10Gig Ethernet speeds! This is great and one of the goals to have, so I can leave the pictures and videos on the NAS and directly cut and edit them without the need to copy then around.


For such a setup, we use docker compose to write our configuration files for the services. There are 4 different docker-compose files, one for each type of services.

There is a “web” docker-compose file, which hold all the configuration for the webservers and wordpress containers. The “infra” file, holds the cofiguration for databases, DNS and other more infrastrucutre services. Then there is a “monitoring” file, which has the grafana  and portainer configurations. Also the UptimeKuma is configured there.

The hardest service to migrate was the Nextcloud setup, it took a while to set all the parameters correctly, especially the memory optimizations, but now it runs well.

As I host my own mail-server, I found “mail-cow” which as a fully configured docker setup. This was a breez to install and configure! Many thanks to all the people who develop and maintain these things!

Today, Marc 3rd 2024, there are 57 immages running on the server, and despite having only 4 cores, it runs very smooth! I think the 64Gig’s of memory help a lot 😉


I have a 2nd smaller NAS running in a different location. I use rsnapshot to backup the data from the comoute and the storage every day. I still need to tweak a few things as right now, it seams to backup too much and probably the same more than once.. So I’m still working on that.

for so long