Cisco GSX – Las Vegas

Hi Foks,

This is the first of many posts from Las Vegas and the Road-Trip ahead to Denver…

Again the 3rd year in a row, Cisco has it’s sales conference GSX in Las Vegas. I’m takin the chance to go out to shoot some pictures from Las Vegas. Yesterday I have taken a few images from our balcony at the Luxor on the 20th floor towards the inside of the pyramid.

After a huge 22oz Prime-Rip last night I did not sleep that well and could no longer sleep from 3am. I guess the reason was the jetlag and my full stomach… So I decided to go out shooting at 5am!

With the sunrise at 6m I had almost one hour where the sun was preparing to rise. I walked from the Luxor all the way to the Bellagio, where I also shoot some long exposure images of the lake at the Bellagio.

After the shoot, I met my Friends who just returned from the ET-Fool-Moon Marathon for breakfast at Denny’s.