Autumn leaves and trees with the D850

The trees on fire..

Today when I came home from some customer visits at about 4pm, I grabbed my new D850, the lenses and my bicycle. I again overfilled my backpack with too many lenses! I took, the 14-24mm, the 24-70mm, the 70-200mm and the 105 macro… and all my filters, ohh boy was the backpack heavy….

Never the less I’ve used the 24-70mm, 70-200mm and the 105 macro for these shots today. As the new D850 has soooo many megapixels, I also took the tri-pod with me, which was a wise desicion.

Shooting golden leaves in front of a bright sky is quite a challenge and mostly these leaves are 10-20m away… so focusing and getting the right sharpness right was a bit of a challenge.

The Location

As mentioned above, I took my bicycle out and headed near the train tracks where I’ve seen nice red and yellow bushes when I came back from work. So only about 10min from home!

The Pictures

These are all the pictures I’ve edited, so please have a look through them and enjoy the colours of the season