2020.06.11 Holidays in the Guggerli

The Guggerli

DJI 0426-HDR

We spent about 10 days in the gorgeous place in the Bernies alps, called Beatenberg. Our family owns a little chalet which we where able to use. It’s called Guggerli. A magical place.

Unfortunately the weather was pretty mixed, but we still managed to have really good time :-). The first few days where really nice, with wonderful sunsets and rain, but the later week it was pouring down.

As you might have guessed, I brought along a big crate of tech, my two drones, my D850 and some lenses as well as the GoPro… Flurina also took her RC Monstertruck with her… but more on that later.

The time lapse

The first day we had a wonderful day and a even more fantastic sunset. So I grabed my D850 set up the interval timer to 5s and pointed it to the “Eiger Mönch and Junfrau”. I’ve seen some clouds peaking over the Jungfrau-Joch, which I hoped that this could create a nice cloud-fall, and indeed it did! As you can see from the Google-Maps, we have a clear line of sight. So no problem to set this up at home.


  • Nikon D850 with the 70-200 f4 Nikkor lens
  • Interval set to 5s, and quality set to RAW.
  • All Manual, ISO64, Shutter to 1/500s and f8 (I think)
  • All set up on a nice tripod
  • Let it run for 800+ images, unitl it got really dark 😉

Flurina’s Monster truck

Flurina got a RC controlled Monster truck to her 7th birthday. And of course we had to take the monster truck with us to the Guggerli. Later the week we, the two Girls and I headed with the Monstertruck, the GoPro, the Mavic Air 2 to the near by forest. We had a lot of fun, me flying the Mavic Air 2 through the woods without crashing, Flurina and Ronja by driving the RC Monstertruck through the grass and over the rocks…

I hope you had a bit of fun with my Video’s but on the same day we had a monstrous sunset. I took the Mavic 2 Pro out and flew out to take some stunning areal. Enjoy the fantastic sunset

DJI 0663-HDR

Further there was a huge rainbow…

DJI 0700-Pano

The Giessbachfälle

We took the boat from from Iseltwald nach Giessbach and then hiked from the Giessbachfälle nach Iseltwald.

At the Giessbachfälle I’ve flowen with the drone over the  waterfalls, which was quite interesting as you are not able to hear your drone. Normally you can locate the drone by listening to the direction of the noise, but the falls where too loud to do so. Never the less I was able to shoot some interesting footage.

DJI 0027-HDR

it took us just about two hours to walk back to Iseltwald which is pretty good, if you think about that Ronja is not even four years old. Near Iseltwald I took out the drone once more, and shoot some really nice images from Iseltwald, the island and the lake Brienz.

DJI 0134-HDR

DJI 0145-HDR