Sunset in Lidell-Creek

Hi Guys,

I have a few days off after the SE-VT in San Jose California. This afternoon I’ve traveled to Satna Cruz as the weather was marvelous, No fog, just nice sunshine and a light breeze 🙂

After a nice walk around in Santa Cruz I decided to go up the cost to find a beach for a series of interesting pictures.

I pulled over at Lidell Creek, and was amazed what I’ve seen!

DSC_0859I used the ND64 filter to extend the exposure time…and wow it worked fantastic I would say….

and here an other image after the sun has set



As the Mac-Air I have with me is really slow, I can not process too many images, as it just takes far too long, but I try to pick the right one.

Looking forward seeing many more nice beaches in the next days.